How is a 50 amp outlet different from a 30 and 20 amp outlet?

20 & 30 amp Outlets has 3 wires (Hot, Neutral, Ground) on a 1 - 120 volt circuit whereas the 50 Amp Outlet has 4 wires (2 Hot, Neutral, Ground) at 2 - 120 volts (Line 1 and Line 2) with 100 amps of 120 volts on a 1 - 240 volt circuit.


What is the 50 Amp Power Pal Tester?

It is a hand held tester, designed to be inserted directly into the RV Park’s 50 amp outlet for the purpose of analyzing the outlet for a good ground, open circuits, reversed polarity and safe voltage.  Note: If your RV requires 30 amps instead of 50 amps, you can test the outlet with the use of a 30 amp adapter:  Click on “Adapters”.


What is Safe Voltage for a 120/240 Volt, 50 Amp RV Outlet?

Since a 50 amp RV Outlet has 2-120 volts circuits (referred to as Line1 and Line2), each circuit should maintain voltage between 108 and 132 volts.  With today’s RV’s, voltage below or above the safe range could wipe out appliances and other sophisticated electronics.


What Should I Do When the 50 Amp Power Pal Detects a Faulty Outlet?

Contacts the Park’s Office and ask management to fix the outlet or assign you a space with a Safe Outlet.