50 Amp Power Pal

$ 169.00

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The 50 amp Power Pal is an RV Park Electrical Outlet Tester. The instrument is a hand held tester designed to test the 50 amp outlet before you plug in your RV. In seconds the tester will indicate in CLEAR VOICE OUTPUT and a BRIGHT LED LIGHT one of the following conditions:

  • Faulty Ground or Neutral
  • Open Hot Wire Line 1
  • Open Hot Wire Line 2
  • Breaker Thrown or Off
  • Reverse Polarity Line 1
  • Reverse Polarity Line 2
  • Correct OK to Connect

Features Include:

  • True RMS Voltage Measurement
  • Hand held reliable high quality latest in technology
  • Plugs directly into an RV park's 50 amp electrical outlet 
  • Operates on a 9V battery
  • Tests 30A and 20A outlets with optional adapters
  • Test results presented in clear Voice, plain English and Bright LED lights
  • Bright LED voltmeter displays voltage alternating between Line 1 and Line 2
  • Voice output indicates when instrument is shutting down (saves battery)
  • Detects faulty ground or neutral
  • Detects high or low voltage

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Your RV has rubber tires and is not grounded to EARTH until you plug your RV into a grounded electrical outlet.  Stop gambling!  Check each outlet before you plug in your RV.  The next outlet you plug into could have a poor ground, unsafe voltage or be miss-wired.  A good ground is your safety line and you should not be content until you know that your RV is properly grounded.  If your RV requires 20 or 30amps, the “50 amp Power Pal” will test the outlet by the use of an RV adapter.

 WARNING:  Turn off power to the electrical outlet before inserting or removing the test instrument.  This rule also applies to plugging in and unplugging your RV.